Base Departments

Support the Team by creating an Environment where Missionaries Thrive! 

Without the Base, our Ministries would never be able to function! Each of these Departments play a huge part in the sustainability of our work!


Our Kitchen is all about creating delicious food that brings friends
together and gives energy to go back out and make a difference!
Learn all about new and exciting ways of cooking in a Khmer style!


The goal of our Hospitality Team is to make everyone who enters our
base feel like they have been here for years; that they are family!
This includes everything from writing welcome cards to creating gift
baskets, warm smiles to great conversations.


Our Maintenance Department manages building
projects, repairs, and general upkeep of the facilities.
These guys work hard to keep everything in the very
best condition possible!


Worship allows us to Know God deeply, which is the main
value of our YWAM mission. Our team takes several
times per week to lead our community into God's


Our media department is dedicated to creating engaging
content that informs and inspires Cambodians to
pursue Jesus and enrich their lives.


Our base wouldn't be able to function without dedicated
volunteers working in Human Resources, Finance, and
Communication! If you have experience in these areas
we would love to hear from you.

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