truly understand the Bible by learning in a whole new way!

Join us for the Bible Core Course and let it change the way you see Scripture!

Bible core course (bcc)

A BCC will give you the tools you need to understand the Bible in a deeper way, which will drive understanding, motivating you to learn more, and then become transformed from the inside out! 

Read through the Entire Bible

While we don't have time to study all the books of the Bible in this course, you will be reading through the entire Bible to get a broader understanding of God's story!

In-Depth Study of 16 Books

This course will teach you how to inductively study each type of literature found in the Bible, thereby giving you the tools to study the rest of Scripture on your own time!

Learn from the

You will have a team of dedicated staff to help walk you through the process of learning the inductive method. Each week will focus on a new book, taught by different teachers from around the world!

What is the inductive method?

It is an investigative approach that teaches you how to use the historical and literary context of each book in order to understand the message that the author originally intended.


The Text

The first step is to read the text with fresh eyes.  What does the document actually and literally say?

The Message

Who was this originally written to and what would they have thought about the message? What was the historical context that they were living in?

Apply What You've Learned

Now that you understand the original meaning of the message, how can you apply this to your life right now?


Introducing the inductive method - 1 week

You'll learn about a new book of the Bible every week, but your first week will focus on the basics of the inductive method. You will be given a thorough walkthrough on how to go through each of the steps starting with Observation and working through till you get a relevant Application.

standard schedule - 10 weeks

The main portion of the course will consist of lectures, readings, and recording your findings through the inductive method.  Most of your day will be self study and so you need to excersize good time managment. 

Student teaching - 1 week

As the capstone to the course you will prepare and present a teaching to the class and then graduate that week.

EVERY summer

our BCC runs every year from July through the beginning of october.

poipet, cambodia

located in the west of cambodia. bordering thailand, and just 2 hours from the world heritage site, Angkor wat. 


• country a  (developed nations)  $1500
• country b  (semi-developed ) $1000
• Country C  (developing)  $500


• english
• Khmer



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