#poipet #meettheteam Kayla Stilwell

Meet the team: Kayla Stilwell

Kayla is so full of positivity, energy and joy that she often keeps the team going strong! She is part of the leadership team for the Youth Development Center which is perfect because she is a natural born teacher. The kids love her because she makes something as hard as learning a new language, fun and exciting! She was a …

#poipet #meettheteam Jethro Koh

Meet the team: Jethro Koh

Jethro Koh is best defined as a joyful and determined warrior. He is a man of integrity and walks in divine wisdom. Jethro grew up as missionary kid serving in turkey before returning back home to Singapore. During his time here, he will be working closely with a church here in Poipet training sound techs, working in children’s ministry, and …

#poipet #meettheteam Joe o'Conner

Meet the team: Joe o’Conner

This is Joe! He has been working hard pioneering a #YDC at a local church as well as working with Justice water to help build water filters in the villages. Joe is always on time with the jokes and helps keep things fun. God had highlighted #Cambodia to Joe from the very beginning and through his obedience people are hearing …

#poipet #meettheteam Chelsea Kerr

Meet the team: Chelsea Kerr

Chelsea Kerr has just joined us after her outreach in Battambang! She has a heart to champion and raise up local young women to see them reach their full potential. She brings a passion for Jesus that our community is thirsty for. Can’t wait to see how God uses her in Cambodia! Meet the team

#poipet #meettheteam Uriah Lyford

Meet the team: Uriah Lyford

Uriah provides leadership to various ministries in Poipet and has a deep love for the people of Cambodia. His pastoral heart desires most to see growth in both the individuals he disciples and the Khmer he works with on a daily basis. He came to Cambodia for the first time in 2003 and has spent several years there since, but …

#poipet #meettheteam Lauren Neudorf

Meet the team: Lauren Neudorf

Lauren is one of the most kind, gentle, and thoughtful people you’ll meet this side of eternity! She is a great English teacher who pours into the kids at our YDC and tutors her Khmer friends in conversation. She facilitates our worship, intercession, and has incredible insight in maintaining harmony within our little community. Upcoming plans include returning to Kona …

#poipet #meettheteam Conner King

Meet the team: Conner King

Conner in the simplest of terms has a heart of gold. He is a go-getter and a man of action! Whatever he does, he does it to the best of his ability and is always looking to improve himself in the process. Over the last couple years he has attended a YMAM Discipleship Training School (DTS), staffed a DTS, attended …

Meet the team: Srey Leak

Srey Leak is an amazing Khmer woman who has been committed to the Poipet project over the last 6 months and will be staying on for the next year. She has been learning English, teaching English classes, and teaching kids in the villages. She has a heart to transform the next generation of Cambodia, so she is very involved with …

#poipet #meettheteam Eric Freitag

Meet the team: Eric Freitag

Eric Freitag is truly one amazing man. His many roles here in Poipet include being in our team leadership, managing our finances and leading our media team. He does all these and much more with excellence, integrity, kindness and a servant heart. Eric’s journey in Cambodia began last year and will continue on for the next two years! His adaptable …

#poipet #meettheteam Megan Crawford

Meet the team: Megan Crawford

Megan Crawford is from the beautiful country of New Zealand! Since joining our team back in April her presence is much appreciated as she is servant hearted and generous. Megan has a heart for medical missions as well as teaching English. We are so excited to see what God has in store for her here in Cambodia. Meet the team