Jesus film

Using Film to share the Gospel to the Unreached!

What is Jesus Film?

Jesus Film is an Evangelistic tool designed to grow the church while connecting and supporting local pastors. The film retells the gospel of Luke in Khmer and has been the avenue through which countless Cambodians have come to know Christ!

Supports the Church

We work with local pastors and churches because we know that they are the ones who can actually encourage and disciple any new believers that watch the film.

For the Unreached

We primarily search for villages that are either remote or very poor. They are the ones that are least likely to have heard the gospel and will be most attracted to watching a movie on the big screen as they have never experience it before!

Bible Distribution

At the end of every film showing, the pastor will quickly share how to accept Jesus as Lord and we then provide a New Testament in Khmer for anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus!

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