Youth Development center

Invest in the youth of Poipet today
to transform their tomorrow!

What is YDC?

YDC is an English language program taught by volunteers like you! English is becoming increasingly important in Cambodia, which is why we want to help make it easy for the youth of our city. YDC is used to both develop a quality education that  will lead to a better future in addition to building strong relationships with our students.


We offer classes Monday - Friday for two class times:
4:30 - 5:30
5:30 - 6:30


Where most after school English programs cost $50 and up per month, we want to make our school as affordable as possible to ensure that all students get quality education. So we keep our tuition at $20 per 3 month term.

Quality Teachers

We offer a training program as well as continued support to all of our teachers to help coach them through the process of growing as an educator as well as developinig relationships with their students!

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