English is becoming increasingly important to learn in Cambodia in both school and work, which is why we want to help make it easy for Khmer. YDC is used to both help students learn English efficiently while building relationships with us, their teachers.

What is YDC?

YDC is an English language program for Khmer and is taught by volunteer teachers who are a part of UofN Poipet. Students who are interested in YDC must take a placement test before enrolling and are placed into one of 12 levels according to their results. To move onto the next level, students must pass tests at the end of each term. Classes are one hour a day every weekday during the evening.

YDC is available for anyone who wants to learn English and is 12 years or older.

General Information


Classes run Monday – Friday, one hour a day. Each term is approximately 7 weeks.


There are two sessions: 4:30-5:30PM & 5:30-6:30PM. Session time varies each term and depends on teacher availability and class sizes.


50000 R per term.

(Includes books, ID card, and supplies.)


For the most up-to-date registration day, please visit our Facebook page.

New students take placement tests during registration. Current students register at the end of the previous term.


Send us a message and let us know you are interested in volunteering as a teacher or signing up as a student.

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